Friday, April 13, 2012

Flaw in Popular Mobile Apps Exposes Users to Identity Theft | PCWorld

A security flaw that exposes iOS and possibly Android smartphone users to identity theft has been discovered in mobile apps for Facebook, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. Smartphone owners would be well served to take extra precautions to protect their devices, as the flaw may well be present in other mobile applications as well.

The flaw exposes users to identity theft by saving user authentication keys in easily accessible, unencrypted plain text files, or .plists. By stealing those files and transferring them to another device -- regardless of whether the device is jailbroken -- a cyber thief could access the victim's associated accounts without having to enter any log-in credentials. Read more

Fifth-Generation Wi-Fi Is Coming: Are You Ready for 802.11ac? | PCWorld

We’re on the verge of the biggest change in wireless networking since 2007. Fifth-generation Wi-Fi technology promises to deliver faster-than-cable speed--without the cables. Read more